Hockey Performance Academy Services


HPA offers an extensive range to cater for varying requirements of the individual to groups of players and coaches.


*All player lessons are 1 hour unless specifically requested longer (price may differ).

Single Lesson:  One to One session, bespoke to the individual player’s requirements. 

Specialist Skills Session:

Email or phone for introductory offer: 

All Prices (includes GST)


Goalkeepers: One to One session or in a group of three.  These sessions focus on Movement and core GK techniques. 

Group Lessons (can be booked individually or as a group):  HPA offers sessions for 2 to 8 players.  These sessions can be booked individually (joining a group) or as a group. 

Option 1: 2 to 4 players 

Option 2: 5 to 8 players

Please contact our Director of Coaching for available sessions and prices.


Performance Mentoring: The service is to help guide a player in how to train, prepare (for training and games) goals setting, evaluating performance and progress, and managing time and rest.


Hockey Specific Strength and Conditioning session (30 minutes): Booked on request.

Individual session: $50

Group session (3 or more): $70 



Guest Team Session: HPA offers a guest session to club’s junior team to work on an agreed topic to help the sides development (please contact our Director of Coaching to discuss a solution best suited to your needs).


Coach the Coaches’: The coach the coaches’ sessions is designed to be delivered to a group of coaches in an interactive manor.  The Sessions can solely be theory based or can incorporate theory and practical for coaches who wish to undertake a level 1 and level 2 accreditation.(please contact our Director of Coaching to discuss a solution best suited to your needs).


Coach Assessment:

Looking to gain your Level 1 or 2 and need a game or training session assessed.  HPA can under the assessment.  Please contact to arrange a time.


To book or discuss a service from Hockey Performance Academy please contact our Director of Coaching or see our contact page  

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