About us

Hockey Performance Academy, (HPA) our approach is to develop the player / coach holistically.  We look after knowledge, technique, body, and mind

Players can expect to undertake a session focused on the essential skills required for the modern game.  Incorporated into the session / clinic is conditioning for the body to develop strength and the connective tissue to prepare / help the player for the demands of hockey.

The sessions / clinic will also help the player to develop a thorough understanding of game awareness that will help making in game decisions.  The final element of the Hockey Performance Academy’s approach is to help to develop the players mind.  To give the player strategies to help them take control of their personal development.

For coaches, the Hockey Performance Academy offers an extensive platform to learn.  Our service offers in-depth technique instruction on all the essential and specialist skills for the modern hockey player.  The instruction incorporates key couching principles and advice in how to deliver content to players / teams.



HPA offers sessions that are designed to incorporate strength and conditioning specific for hockey players.


The extremely fast nature of hockey requires super high levels of speed, endurance, power and technical ability.


Players assume a semi squad position when playing, which places a huge strain on muscles in the lower back, and requires a strong core, hamstring and quadriceps strength. This means overall relative body strength and core strength (the kinetic chain) needs to be a real focus for the hockey player to perform to the highest level and to keep injury at bay.

The energy exerted by players during a game is one thing, though as a very technically demanding sport, the fitness required to be a skilful, durable, well-rounded player at an elite level is extremely high.

It is for these reason why HPA places a large focus on the holistic approach and strength and conditioning is core in our values.



Just as the strength of the body is vital so is the conditioning and well being of the mind.

HPA offers coaching sessions for players to develop and improve their minds. How players think before, during and after the game.  How preparation and management of oneself, including rest, goal setting, staying in the "now", and prioritising tasks, such as when (and what) to eat before and after training / games is all part of the process of improvement.



HPA incorporates game understanding into our sessions and clinics, as knowing and doing is essential to performance.

For the player structural and positional development takes places whilst doing.  For HPA that equates to sessions / clinics focusing on game understanding.  The information is introduced in theory (utilising technologies), and executed in practical exercises to compliment the theory and accelerate learning.


For the Coach

HPA offers coach education services.  We conduct coaching seminars which can lead to Level 1 and 2 accreditations.  Or specific sessions specialising on structural elements of the game such as out-letting, press, attacking or defending principles.  

The coach education service utilises technologies to enhance learning and shows how it can be used to accelerate development within a coaching environment.


The Hockey Performance Academy is located at Pennant Hills Park.  Other locations can be used for private / group / team sessions.